timmi-kat ReCoRDs

Announcing the 25th release of timmi-kat ReCoRDS’, the Various Artists Queer Compilation called  “Friends of Dorothy”. A limited edition run of 200 lavender vinyl with 17 tracks from artists like Pansy Division, Bambi Lake and We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It. 

Neat sounds - Good for the brain!

Friends of Dorothy Queer Compilation Album

Side A

  1.   The Younger Lovers - What are You Wanting For?
  2.   We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use it - Love    is the Slug
  3.   Astrovibe - Viva Cuba
  4.   I am Cereal Killer! – I Think I'm Losing My Gayness
  5.   Bambi Lake - Freddy
  6.   Nerdy - Running Around
  7.   Moon Trent - Pop Song
  8.   Hellhole - My Balls and the Quarantine Blues


Side B

  1.   Mimieux - When David is Sleeping
  2.   Marilyn - Pray for That Sunshine
  3.   The Insaints - Whore
  4.   Ethyl Meatplow - Queenie
  5.   Robert Garnham - The Queer Express
  6.   The Veil - Dreams Endowed...
  7.   Jeff Heiskell - I Won't Grow Up
  8.   David Cole - God Ingredients
  9.   Pansy Division - So You Say (C.S.F.)


          c & p. timmi-kat ReCoRDS 2023 tk025


little history...

Before there were Summerfests and the

Exclamation Festival, there was the Modesto Organization of Bands (M.O.B.). The loose

association promoted local shows featuring local bands at area homes until the productions graduated to Modesto Junior College. A case

could be made for Moon Trent and David Cole for setting the stage for Modesto's music revival of

the 1990's." - Roger Hoskins - The Modesto Bee Sept. 22, 2000...

Timmi-Kat interview

"Friends of Dorothy" cover by Danny Nicoletta

Moon Trent, one of Modesto’s rock survivors,

has moved back to the area. He always has

been a supporter of the local music scene.

Thirty years ago, he was one of the driving

forces behind the Modesto Organization of

Bands, which was a precursor to the

Modesto Area Music Association and its MAMA awards. The Modesto Bee Friday, December 20, 2002...