Music makes my life complete.

I hope you feel the same.

I've been lucky enough to work

with a lot of talented people. Central

Valley music veteran started out as a teenage radio host and ended up

co- founding the Quiet-Core genre in

1995 as the singer for the San Francisco band Brown-Star. Six solo releases

later we have "Undercut", the latest

from Moon Trent. Punk to lullabies

and even an acapella track.


Moon Trent began his path in entertainment as a teenager while producing and

appearing daily on KHOP's morning show. He has also appeared on LIVE 105 in San Francisco and B93 in Modesto. After pleasing crowds on the radio air waves as a personality, Moon redirected his focus to live entertainment. Moon formed indie-bands such as Pale, Brown-Star,The Visitors Kimberly, and The JULIAN.

Moon continues to support independent music and entertain as an indie singer-songwriter.

Listen to Moon Trent’s latest album “Undercut” on Spotify